A bracelet on a hand will cool a person no worse than an air conditioner (4 photos)

Global warming is changing the climate on the planet and forcing specialists to develop new mobile and economical climate systems. So, at the University of California, they were preoccupied with the fact that in San Diego it is getting hotter from year to year, and scientists have created a prototype of an air conditioner designed to be worn directly on the human body. This device regulates heat transfer in the human body, warming or cooling it. The prototype has the appearance of a bandage on the arm, between the two layers of which a heat transfer system from a thermoelectric alloy of bismuth telluride is laid. It uses the principle of a heat pump that transfers heat between the plates of elastomers that make up the dressing. Depending on what is hotter: the surrounding air or the human body, heat enters the human skin or is removed outside. With a minimum energy consumption, a temperature difference of 5 ° -10 ° is ensured; all heat or cold gets part of the body at the site of contact of the dressing. If the product will have the shape and dimensions of a vest, then the effect of a personal air conditioner will be ensured. Estimated energy consumption: • on a typical day – 26 watts of energy • in extreme heat – up to 80 watts. A person will feel the effect in a few minutes. Compared to wall-mounted air conditioners, energy consumption is an order of magnitude less. With these cooling vests, the savings in air conditioning for large offices will be dramatic. Although for the sake of objectivity, it should be recognized that this type of cooling of the human body is in development and the release of the product is not expected soon.

Sam Richards

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