A space sailboat from Russia will study the Sun (3 photos)

Modern space programs are designed not only for the study of nearby planets. Russian scientists have set themselves the task of studying the remote corners of our solar system and even the activity of the sun in the x-ray range. To provide such research will help new satellites with a unique reusable sailing design. The Yarilo spacecraft was developed at the Youth Space Center at Moscow State Technical University. Bauman. After putting the satellite into a given orbit, using a system of flywheels and magnets, the Yarilo spins around its axis, and the created centrifugal force deploys a sailing system designed to control changes in the trajectory of the vehicle. The first two satellites equipped with space sails will be launched into orbit by the end of this year. “Yaryl” will be left at an altitude of 600 km above the Earth, where the density of the atmosphere will allow the use of sails as an aerodynamic brake. The developers call the flight of satellites with sails \The system of sails will make it possible to transfer the vehicles to another orbit, after which they can be folded for later use. The first space sailing ships will study the activity of the Sun in the x-ray range. The next step will be sending the satellite to the moon. Using sail technology, a journey to the moon will take about two years when launched from a geostationary orbit.

Sam Richards

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