A transparent solar cell will replace glass in homes and cars

Прозрачный солнечный элемент заменит стекла в домах и машинах (3 фото) For quite some time, experts have been discussing the idea of creating solar panels transparent and making them window panes. This is incredibly practical: one surface can be used as efficiently as possible not only for viewing and transmitting light into the room, but also for supplying electricity to the house. Spreading the usual photocells on the roofs, bulky and heavy, is much less convenient and practical. Researchers at Michigan State University have long managed to make solar panels transparent enough. In the future, their development is able to provide the States with 40% of the energy needed by the country. Прозрачный солнечный элемент заменит стекла в домах и машинах (3 фото) Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science at Michigan State University Richard Lunt said in an interview that extremely transparent solar panels embody the prospect of renewable energy. Scientists have done an analysis of their potential. Transparent luminescent solar cells only collect light invisible to the human eye. In this way, in the future, with the development and improvement of technology, which has a potential for increasing productivity, it is planned to generate as much energy as is obtained from solar cells that are now common. In the future, such panels are supposed to be installed both in the windows of houses, and in cars, and even in mobile gadgets. Currently, the product is only 5% effective, while at the same time the efficiency of the usual solar panels is from 15 to 40%. The developed innovative material is thin and resembles plastic. It can, without blocking the view, produce electricity. The development base is microscopic organomolecules created by the same team, absorbing waves of light of a certain length, invisible to the human eye. The material is easily tuned to absorb one or another component of the sun’s rays (say, infrared light spectrum or ultraviolet light). Прозрачный солнечный элемент заменит стекла в домах и машинах (3 фото) It is worth noting that now in the US, solar panels produce only 1.5% of all energy. To minimize the use of fossil fuels, researchers from various scientific institutions are constantly working on the generation of fresh technologies in the field of alternative energy. According to the calculation of Michigan scientists, in America from 5 to 7 billion square meters of glass surfaces. If all this glass is replaced with transparent solar materials, it will be possible to cover about 40% of the US electricity needs. What is the cost and complexity of the production of such panels, their resistance to various environmental factors that change due to ecology, is not specified.

Sam Richards

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