Amazon courier drone compared to a horse

Курьерский дрон Amazon сравнили с лошадью (видео) Amazon has been working for several years to create a service for delivering orders using drones, and it looks like the company has already had a clear vision of how this service should function in real life. The Prime Air courier drone is designed to carry goods weighing up to 2.25 kg, while delivery will take no more than half an hour after ordering for distances of 16 km. According to company representatives, the weight of most orders does not exceed 2.25 kg. Amazon is developing various modifications of the drone. This is due to climatic and landscape conditions – in different regions of the United States they vary significantly. All models will be equipped with a system that avoids obstacles. Amazon Vice President stressed that in flight Prime Air is more like a horse than a car, and gave an example. If a car driver wants to crash into a tree, he can do it. But try to do the same trick with the horse – nothing will work. Seeing an obstacle, the animal evade the object so as not to get damaged. There are also a number of nuances that prevent the emergence of courier drones at the present time. One of them is the use of weapons, which can bring down a flying delivery man. Another is the existing laws on the use of airspace. In order for Prime Air flights to become commonplace, you will need to amend or adopt new laws, according to which drones can move at an altitude of 60-120 meters above the ground. The zone of manned aircraft is proposed to start from 140 meters.

Sam Richards

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