American scientists will give a new chance to premature babies

Американские ученые дадут новый шанс недоношенным детям (видео) A research team consisting of specialists from the Philadelphia Children’s Clinical Hospital developed and conducted the first tests of the Biobag artificial uterus. While the experiment was held by premature lambs, but the results are more than impressive: soon, human babies born ahead of schedule will have a chance for full development. Since about 15 million babies are born prematurely all over the planet every year, the problem of maintaining their vitality is pediatrics is very acute. A baby born earlier than 37 weeks from the time of pregnancy is considered premature (normal 39-40 weeks), and the term viability is considered a period of 22-24 weeks. In such children, not all organs are well developed, and they are not able to exist outside the mother’s womb without additional support. As a result, infants develop various pathologies that further reduce their quality of life. A new product from Philadelphia, an artificial uterus, imitates the conditions of the mother’s womb, so the child gets the time necessary for the full development. Inside them, the synthesized amniotic fluid circulates physiologically equivalent to the environment inside the uterus, and oxygen is introduced through the umbilical cord, which is not cut off after delivery. The device also maintains a comfortable temperature, light level, pressure, protects the baby from the risk of infection with various infections, to which he is not yet adapted. The main vital signs of the child are displayed electronically on a convenient display. Tests on lambs that develop similarly to humans showed that premature babies aged 23-24 weeks develop without pathologies, they grow hair in time, there is no problem with activity, they open their eyes normally after the “second birth”. However, scientists have yet to conduct numerous tests on experimental subjects before putting the Biobag artificial womb into production. In practice, this can take up to ten years.

Sam Richards

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