Amphibious robot for work at Fukushima nuclear power plant

Робот-амфибия для работ на АЭС Фукусима (видео) Japanese authorities intend to secure the Fukushima nuclear power plant by dismantling and disposing of radioactive elements, including 566 fuel rods located in the basin of the third reactor. Such a life-threatening job will be entrusted to a remotely controlled amphibious robot from Toshiba. According to analysts, after removing the rods, the radiation level in the reactor will drop to 1 millisievert per hour, which is very significant compared to the existing indicator. The robot will be controlled by specially trained personnel. The methods used for manipulations are not as new-fashioned as one would expect. For example, an enlightened layman will not see control with a touch glove here. But there is a bulky control panel with a pair of 2-axis joysticks and several toggle switches for switching, as well as a bunch of displays showing the robot and important indicators for monitoring the machine and the environment. Work in the third reactor is planned for 2017, and so far the company is training qualified personnel capable of skillfully controlling the robot.

Sam Richards

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