Announced the world’s first smartphone with a sub-screen camera (11 photos + video)

The design of smartphones is becoming more compact and user-friendly, while engineers are trying to maximize the usable area of screens. OPPO at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019 exhibition held in Asia from June 26 to 28 presented a prototype of a smartphone with a front camera “hidden” under the surface of the display. Currently, preparations are underway for the serial production of a new smartphone and the appearance of the gadget has not yet been openly demonstrated. The smartphone was presented to journalists in a special casing hiding the design of the device, in addition, the device was not allowed to pick up. As expected, the screen of the novelty occupies almost the entire front surface of the smartphone, leaving only minimal stripes on the sides. Slightly lower than the earpiece, a closer look reveals a front camera hiding under the screen. When you turn on applications that work with the camera, a wide black bar is formed in the upper part of the display, which is necessary to prevent the sensor from being “blinded\In this case, the display area above the camera responds to touches, like the rest of the touch screen. For normal operation of the front camera hidden under the thickness of the screen, a special material with a high degree of light transmission (transparency) was used. Also, the selfie camera sensor itself has a special module that allows you to increase the light output. This is achieved by increasing the aperture, sensor and pixel size. The developers admitted that the location of the camera under the glass reduces the quality of photos. To improve the image, HDR optimization technologies, haze removal and improved white balance were used. Serial production of a smartphone with a screen camera will begin in 2020.,

Sam Richards

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