Apple has completely switched to renewable energy

Apple полностью перешла на возобновляемую энергию (3 фото) Apple has announced that it will fully cover its needs with renewable energy. According to representatives of the corporation, all offices, shops and data centers located in 43 different countries are provided with “clean” energy. Even more than two dozen partners of the company committed to produce using green electricity. According to the company, two and a half dozen renewable energy sources located around the planet are used here. They produce electricity in the amount of 626 megawatts. According to the document, fifteen more projects will soon be launched, bringing the volume of electricity generated to 1.4 gigawatts. The company receives resources thanks to microhydroelectric power stations, biogas-based fuel cells, wind power stations and solar panels. Apple полностью перешла на возобновляемую энергию (3 фото) Apple полностью перешла на возобновляемую энергию (3 фото) Specialists of the corporation were able to significantly reduce the amount of harmful substances emitted by plants around the planet. In just 8 years, more than 2 million tons of carbon dioxide did not enter the atmosphere. Tim Cook, CEO, said that after many years of hard work, the corporation is proud of the successes achieved. He promised to continue to move in the chosen direction using the materials used, as well as methods of processing them and special equipment, to create new sources of renewable energy, on which the future of the whole planet depends. It is worth recalling that Apple is not a pioneer in the field of pure electricity. At the end of last year, Google switched to renewable energy consumption.

Sam Richards

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