Apple investors

Apple investors told about the line of iPhone 11

Wedbush compiled an analytic note for major Apple investors. It tells the details about the smartphones that Apple will present on September 10, as well as forecasts for their sales.


  • Apple will release three smartphones with names according to the new scheme: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • iPhone 11 in the US will cost from $ 749, like the iPhone XR last year, and the two top models will be priced at $ 999 and $ 1,099, respectively.
  • At the initial stage, Apple will sell 75-80 million copies of new smartphones, and in the five-year period, its sales volume will exceed 180 million units.
  • The main feature of the new iPhones is a more advanced camera with support for additional features in augmented reality applications.

It is expected that at tomorrow’s presentation, Apple will not be devoted all the time to new devices. The company is focused on the development of services and will again talk about the Apple TV + platform, which will be launched in 150 countries around the world this fall. A large number of exclusive content will be available on Apple TV + – movies, TV shows, and television shows commissioned by Apple. Wedbush expects 150 million people to sign up for a paid subscription over the next 5 years, with annual revenues close to $ 10 billion.

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