streaming brought the music industry 80% of the revenue

Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming brought the music industry 80% of the revenue

US music industry revenue for six months from streaming services amounted to $ 4.3 billion. This 80% of the total revenue of 5.4 billion dollars and 26% more than the similar result in 2018. For the first time, streaming platforms brought the industry more than half of the revenue in the spring of 2017.

In the calculations of the American Association of Recording Companies (RIAA), both revenue from paid subscriptions and from advertising in free accounts were taken into account. Thus, according to the RIAA, the number of subscribers with a monthly payment grew by six percent for six months and amounted to 62% of the total revenue of the music industry. Spotify with more than 100 million users is still the first in the total number of users. Apple Music comes in second with 56 million subscribers.

According to Nielsen Music, the best-selling artist in the first half of 2019 was pop singer Ariana Grande: over the indicated period, 285,000 albums were sold, and the number of searches in Apple Music, Spotify and others exceeded 2.59 billion.

In addition, users began to buy vinyl records and CDs more often – sales growth of 5% and 13%, respectively. CD sales brought companies $ 485 million in half a year, and vinyl $ 224 million.

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