Apple Watch will begin to monitor the quality of sleep and automatically turn off the alarm

9to5Mac reporters found out details about the new Apple Watch feature, which has not yet been introduced by Apple. It has the code designation “Burrito” and will become an advanced sleep tracker. It is expected that the development will be announced on September 10 along with the next-generation iPhone and AW.

During sleep, a smart watch, when worn on the wrist, must track its quality using several sensors, including a gyroscope, heart rate sensor and a microphone. Sleep data will be available in the Health app and the new Sleep app for the Apple Watch.

Of the interesting features is the cancellation of the alarm: if the clock marks the complete awakening of the user, the sound signal will be turned off at the appointed time or replaced with vibration with the appropriate settings. Apple also took into account the fact that many people charge smart watches at night, therefore, they will add a reminder to watchOS to ensure timely charging during the day.

In addition, the watch will learn how to automatically turn on the Do Not Disturb mode, when users fall asleep – it will act only at night. It is still unknown whether the innovation will work on already released versions of the Apple Watch, but this should not be an obstacle from the technical side. Marketers of the company can intervene already.

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