Apple will protect iPhone from hacking by security services and hackers

Apple защитит iPhone от взлома спецслужбами и хакерами Not so long ago it became known that intelligence agencies and hackers use special GrayKey devices that connect directly through a Lightning cable to select a password for the iPhone. Therefore, the symbol code, designed to protect the information stored on the smartphone, has ceased to be a reliable barrier from prying eyes. Fingerprints are also very simple, for example, in the event of a user’s death, law enforcement agencies consider it legitimate to use the mobile device of the deceased in order to have a full picture of the incident and to be objective in the future when analyzing the situation. But iOS 12 and newer versions of the OS will no longer allow third-party penetration into the smartphone. The new iOS ability called USB Restricted Mode does not allow data transfer from the iPhone if it has not been used for the last hour. Protection will be enabled automatically and to remove it you must use either a password or Touch ID / Face ID. The company says that protection will not affect the level of charge of the smartphone. Apple защитит iPhone от взлома спецслужбами и хакерами Thus, GrayKey will become the most expensive charger for an apple smartphone, as it is able not only to select a password, but also provide power to the iPhone. USB Restricted Mode is found in beta versions of iOS 12 and iOS 11.4.1 for developers, but a new skill was revealed only now.

Sam Richards

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