ARM wants to integrate SIM cards into mobile processors

Currently, one of the most important problems for smartphone manufacturers is the free space inside the case. Therefore, they welcome the full integration of smartphone components, increasing usable space. ARM decided to propose replacing traditional SIM cards with similar electronic iSIMs that are mounted directly on the mobile device’s processor. The iSIM embedded component occupies an area of less than 1 square millimeter and costs a few cents. A traditional SIM device costs a few cents and takes up much more space. So, the minimum space occupied by the smallest physical Nano SIM card is 12.3 × 8.8 mm, and this is 108 square millimeters! Moreover, the size does not include the volume of mandatory devices necessary for the functioning of the card. iSIM is even smaller than the devices needed for virtual eSIM cards, which are supplied for smart watches, fitness bracelets and smartphones. To support eSIM operation, a 6 × 5 mm (30 square mm) chip is required. ARM хочет интегрировать SIM-карты в мобильные процессоры (3 фото) First of all, ARM hopes that iSIM will be used in a system of miniature IoT devices (Internet of Things) that transmit data via mobile communications. The use of standard SIM-cards in miniature products of the Internet of things can lead to a loss of sense in miniaturization of devices, unreasonable cost of products and too much power consumption (affects battery life). Both mobile device manufacturers and mobile network operators are interested in delivering to the market. Manufacturers save money and space in products, and operators expand the number of consumers through the use of networks with IoT devices. According to developers from ARM, manufacturers of mobile devices and IoT devices have already sent out press releases with technical data and the cost of iSIM. Therefore, the company hopes to release the first chips with integrated iSIM by the end of the year.

Sam Richards

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