Artificial intelligence strips women (6 photos)

The use of artificial intelligence is increasingly used. AI adapted to the interests of lovers of \The new DeepNudes project is designed for the mundane task of “undressing” a woman using a photographic image of a woman in clothes. The method of undressing is simple – a photo of a woman in clothes is uploaded and the output is a new picture in which the “heroine” is already without clothes. A feature of the technology is to work only with female photos. In the case of loading an image of a man, the output is a woman. The resulting nude photos have a clear watermark designation that this is a fake image. The development team reports that currently only female photos are available, but work is already underway on the male version of the application. Artificial intelligence makes it easier to process pictures in which a woman is wearing a little clothing. Also of great importance is the quality of the original photo. Original images with high resolution after processing are practically no different from the originals. Currently, a site specializing in \The developers note that they did not expect such an influx of users and the server could not stand it. Work is underway to restore the application with the associated correction of errors.

Sam Richards

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