ATLAS Robot Becomes a Professional Housekeeper

Having trained the ATLAS robot to independently move on a flat surface, walk in the forest with dogs, balance on one leg in the crane position and walk on bricks, the developers moved to a new test stage. Now the robot will have to master the skills of high-quality cleaning of the room. This will help him with software that allows you to learn on the go and in the process to improve your skills. According to the developed algorithm, ATLAS first cleared the room of unnecessary objects, after which he picked up a mop and a vacuum cleaner. It’s up to you to decide if the frequency is better — a robot or a person. While the robot’s operators control most of the actions performed, they’ll gain more and more freedom as a result of the learning experience. Before performing a new action, ATLAS informs the operator how it plans to perform the manipulation, having received approval or adjustment, performs the action. In the future, when performing the same task, the robot no longer asks for \

Sam Richards

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