Cassini showed Saturn at close range

«Кассини» показал Сатурн с близкого расстояния (5 фото) Cassini successfully survived one of 22 planned orbits between Saturn and its rings, with which it is planned to complete the long-term work of the space probe to collect data on the gas giant and its satellites. The event took place on April 26 at about 12:00 Moscow time at a distance of 3000 km from the studied planet. To protect the equipment from particles from the Saturn rings, NASA employees deployed the antenna of the device so that it served as a protective shield. As a result, almost a day’s connection with Cassini was interrupted. Today, the connection has been restored and new data have been obtained from the probe for study, as well as photographs showing the atmosphere of the planet from a distance that mankind has never reached. The agency placed the raw images on the corresponding page of the official website. In addition to images, Cassini transmitted indicators for studying the gravitational and magnetic fields of Saturn, as well as materials for determining the chemical composition of the material that makes up the inner rings of the planet.

Sam Richards

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