Early iPhone models will have the opportunity, which was considered an exclusive iPhone 11

On September 10, Apple unveiled a new version of the Filmic Pro application. It can use several cameras on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro at once. Due to this, it is possible, for example, to shoot simultaneously from the main and front cameras or to capture an image from the main module and ultra-wide, […]

Apple investors told about the line of iPhone 11

Wedbush compiled an analytic note for major Apple investors. It tells the details about the smartphones that Apple will present on September 10, as well as forecasts for their sales. Highlights: Apple will release three smartphones with names according to the new scheme: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone 11 […]

Will Apple refuse Face ID, Touch ID, and cut-out screens? Company Vice President

Greg Josviac, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, spoke with Daily Express and discussed the changes that are coming for the iPhone, iPad and other products of the company. We were talking about using a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a Face ID face scanner, as well as such a design feature of iPhones as a […]

How Apple Fights Competitors (Using Spotify as an example)

The New York Times talked about how the App Store’s issuance on popular queries has changed over the years, depending on Apple’s commercial interests and regulatory claims. One of the most striking examples is music. In 2013, at the request of “music” in the first place was the Spotify application, and then – other services […]

First a rainbow logo, and now a huge glass cube in this color. Apple, what does all this mean ?!

A few days are left before the long-awaited Apple event, but this does not mean at all that the wave of rumors should break. On Friday, the company painted its famous glass cube store on Fifth Avenue in New York in all the colors of the rainbow. The color design of the cube is very […]

How to change image weight when uploading it to the Internet through Safari in iOS 13

Smartphones and tablets have long had good cameras with high resolution, so a photograph weighing a couple of megabytes will not surprise anyone. But uploading them to the Internet can be expensive because a couple of dozen of these photos can easily spend a hundred megabytes of traffic, which is a lot. And, most importantly […]

Apple released iOS 13.1 beta 2 – what’s new?

Contrary to rumors, Apple has yet to release the second beta build of iOS 13.1 for developers. Updates can be installed “over the air” through “Settings” if you downloaded the previous beta version of the firmware to your devices. To install iOS 13.1 beta 2 from scratch, just download the configuration profile and follow the […]