Google and Facebook respond to allegations of interference in Russian elections

Google has released statements regarding political advertising on its sites, including search engine and YouTube. Google claims to support only responsible political advertising that complies with local laws. There is no direct mention of the elections that took place last weekend in Russia, but it is obvious that these statements are connected with claims to […]

Huawei may opt-out of the Gmail app on smartphones in the Mate 30 and newer

There was information that Huawei will not be able to use the Google Play services and license Android in the lineup of smartphones Mate 30 and later. This means that the company will have to switch to another operating system. In August, its own HarmonyOS OS was introduced, despite this, the corporation claims that it […]

Telegram developers gave valuable advice to owners of smartphones Huawei and Xiaomi

Users of Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones have filled up Telegram support with questions about why notifications from the messenger stop coming on their devices. Telegram developers updated the official FAQ section and told how to overcome this problem. According to them, smartphones Huawei and Xiaomi are too aggressive in fighting notifications from third-party applications, including […]

Google has released Android 10. The update is now available

Google has released Android 10. The update is available for Pixel smartphones of all generations and will be ported to devices from different manufacturers in the coming days, weeks, months and years. In Android 10, a dark theme appeared, which applies to the system and some applications of Google and third-party developers. A new navigation […]

YouTube has stopped showing the exact number of subscribers

YouTube from today – September 1 – introduces new rules for displaying the number of subscribers for mobile applications and its web version. Corresponding changes were announced back in the spring. So, if yesterday the channel had 12 345 678 subscribers, now it is purely displayed as 12.3 million people. For a different number of […]