TikTok guide: a social network where everyone goes crazy

TikTok is a platform for creating and publishing short videos with musical background reminiscent of a mixture of Vine, Instagram and YouTube. A social network that became a teenage phenomenon in 2018. We understand what’s what. Where did it come from The social platform for publishing short music videos was launched in September 2016 under […]

The principles of auto-acceleration of modern processors, or how Intel and AMD are deceiving us

Most likely, many have heard about Intel Turbo Boost technology (but not about AMD PBO, but it will be discussed below): they say this is a magic feature that allows processors to accelerate and work faster on their own. In part, this is really true – the technology is magical, but the magic here works […]

5 applications to revitalize your photos on Android and iOS

GIFs have gained a critical mass of popularity on social networks and instant messengers. Moving images displace static memes in matters of self-expression. A lot of this was facilitated by applications and services that facilitate the search and creation of their own gifs. Surely you’ve already seen animated photos on Instagram. How to animate the […]

How to change image weight when uploading it to the Internet through Safari in iOS 13

Smartphones and tablets have long had good cameras with high resolution, so a photograph weighing a couple of megabytes will not surprise anyone. But uploading them to the Internet can be expensive because a couple of dozen of these photos can easily spend a hundred megabytes of traffic, which is a lot. And, most importantly […]

How to add system resources, clocks and weather widgets to the Windows 10 desktop

One of the innovations in Windows Vista was widgets – small utilities that were attached to the desktop and showed up-to-date information (weather, exchange rates, news, system summary). Users disliked Vista, and vice versa, many liked the widgets and were even ported to Windows XP. There are no native widgets in Windows 10, but there […]

How to block Windows 10 updates in a couple of clicks

Windows 10 updates are problematic, and the larger they are, the more problems. The most recent example is the October 2019 Update, which destroyed all user files in standard folders. Wise people have long understood that it is not worth the rush, and installing Windows 10 updates is a stupid undertaking, which can lead to […]