Wunderlist task manager creator wants to buy it back from Microsoft

Christian Reber, the founder of Wunderlist, offered to buy Microsoft’s popular task management application to avoid closing it. “It’s sad that the company decided to close Wunderlist, despite the fact that people love and use it. Seriously, Satya Nadella and Marcus Ash, let me buy it back. Gather a team and focus on Microsoft To-Do […]

How to add system resources, clocks and weather widgets to the Windows 10 desktop

One of the innovations in Windows Vista was widgets – small utilities that were attached to the desktop and showed up-to-date information (weather, exchange rates, news, system summary). Users disliked Vista, and vice versa, many liked the widgets and were even ported to Windows XP. There are no native widgets in Windows 10, but there […]

How to block Windows 10 updates in a couple of clicks

Windows 10 updates are problematic, and the larger they are, the more problems. The most recent example is the October 2019 Update, which destroyed all user files in standard folders. Wise people have long understood that it is not worth the rush, and installing Windows 10 updates is a stupid undertaking, which can lead to […]