Google and Facebook respond to allegations of interference in Russian elections

Google has released statements regarding political advertising on its sites, including search engine and YouTube. Google claims to support only responsible political advertising that complies with local laws. There is no direct mention of the elections that took place last weekend in Russia, but it is obvious that these statements are connected with claims to […]

MaximaTelecom launches a secure network with traffic encryption

MaximaTelecom, the operator of public Wi-Fi networks, launched Internet access using the Hotspot 2.0 technology in the Moscow metro. This technology guarantees increased security of data exchange with traffic encryption and protection against connection to phishing hotspots. When connecting to Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro, users now see two networks – MT_FREE and MT. When […]

“M. Video” will open regional service centers Apple

The company M.Video expands its network of authorized Apple service centers in its stores. In addition to two locations opened in Moscow a year ago, service centers will be added to retailer stores in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and two more in Moscow. An authorized Apple service center has already opened in the M.Video store […]