Update LastPass Password Manager Now

Password management service LastPass fixed a critical error that could lead to the leak of account information entered on a previously visited site. To maintain security, users of the manager need to install the latest version of the application. The vulnerability was discovered by computer security researcher Tavis Ormandy on August 29. LastPass developers released […]

Wunderlist task manager creator wants to buy it back from Microsoft

Christian Reber, the founder of Wunderlist, offered to buy Microsoft’s popular task management application to avoid closing it. “It’s sad that the company decided to close Wunderlist, despite the fact that people love and use it. Seriously, Satya Nadella and Marcus Ash, let me buy it back. Gather a team and focus on Microsoft To-Do […]

Huawei may opt-out of the Gmail app on smartphones in the Mate 30 and newer

There was information that Huawei will not be able to use the Google Play services and license Android in the lineup of smartphones Mate 30 and later. This means that the company will have to switch to another operating system. In August, its own HarmonyOS OS was introduced, despite this, the corporation claims that it […]

Want to know which of your friends is sitting on Pornhub? Bot in “VKontakte” will tell

Arkhangelsk programmer Daniil Suvorov created a bot for the VKontakte social network called PRNHB, he will tell you which of your friends are logged in to Pornhub using a social network account. The author reports that he created the application as a joke and so far not many users have used it. The bot collects […]

The Vkontakte social network has launched a service for creating QR codes. Very useful thing

In the social network “Vkontakte” appeared the service “Generator of QR codes.” With it, you can create QR codes with a link to any site, Wi-Fi settings, business cards, free text, calendar events, and geolocation. You can customize the QR code: in the case of a link to a website or VK public, add a […]

Special – set of discounts from Mail.ru Group

Mail.ru Group has announced the launch of the Special promotional kit, which offers users various discounts, bonuses and provides access to some services. Special set costs 199 rubles. For this money, the user receives: 30% discount on any orders at Delivery Club (until July 31, no more than once a day). 20% discount on products […]