TikTok guide: a social network where everyone goes crazy

TikTok is a platform for creating and publishing short videos with musical background reminiscent of a mixture of Vine, Instagram and YouTube. A social network that became a teenage phenomenon in 2018. We understand what’s what. Where did it come from The social platform for publishing short music videos was launched in September 2016 under […]

Want to know which of your friends is sitting on Pornhub? Bot in “VKontakte” will tell

Arkhangelsk programmer Daniil Suvorov created a bot for the VKontakte social network called PRNHB, he will tell you which of your friends are logged in to Pornhub using a social network account. The author reports that he created the application as a joke and so far not many users have used it. The bot collects […]

The Vkontakte social network has launched a service for creating QR codes. Very useful thing

In the social network “Vkontakte” appeared the service “Generator of QR codes.” With it, you can create QR codes with a link to any site, Wi-Fi settings, business cards, free text, calendar events, and geolocation. You can customize the QR code: in the case of a link to a website or VK public, add a […]