Telegram has pending messages and full number hiding

Telegram apps for Android and iOS have been updated to version 5.11. The long-awaited innovations appeared in them. What’s new Pending Messages: Hold down the “Send” button and select “Postponed message” to send the message at the specified time. Reminder for yourself in the “Favorites” chat. A notification that a scheduled message has been sent. […]

Apple released iOS 13.1 beta 2 – what’s new?

Contrary to rumors, Apple has yet to release the second beta build of iOS 13.1 for developers. Updates can be installed “over the air” through “Settings” if you downloaded the previous beta version of the firmware to your devices. To install iOS 13.1 beta 2 from scratch, just download the configuration profile and follow the […]

Telegram developers gave valuable advice to owners of smartphones Huawei and Xiaomi

Users of Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones have filled up Telegram support with questions about why notifications from the messenger stop coming on their devices. Telegram developers updated the official FAQ section and told how to overcome this problem. According to them, smartphones Huawei and Xiaomi are too aggressive in fighting notifications from third-party applications, including […]

Google has released Android 10. The update is now available

Google has released Android 10. The update is available for Pixel smartphones of all generations and will be ported to devices from different manufacturers in the coming days, weeks, months and years. In Android 10, a dark theme appeared, which applies to the system and some applications of Google and third-party developers. A new navigation […]

How to block Windows 10 updates in a couple of clicks

Windows 10 updates are problematic, and the larger they are, the more problems. The most recent example is the October 2019 Update, which destroyed all user files in standard folders. Wise people have long understood that it is not worth the rush, and installing Windows 10 updates is a stupid undertaking, which can lead to […]

Telegram has chat rooms for chatting with people nearby

As expected, in the stable version of Telegram for iOS and Android, geo-chat appeared, allowing you to search for interlocutors nearby. For communication, you do not need to share your contact or phone number. To start geo-chat, go to “Contacts”, select the “Find People Nearby” section and set the geolocation radius of action: minimum – […]