Chinese laser rifle turned out to be fake

Китайская лазерная винтовка оказалась фейком (2 фото + видео) Earlier this month, Internet from China brought about plans for the Chinese company ZKZM Laser to equip the military and police with a breakthrough secret weapon – a rifle that can shoot a laser beam, burning the skin and clothing of a potential enemy from a distance of 800 meters. However, no visual evidence of the existence of this invention was provided. Китайская лазерная винтовка оказалась фейком (2 фото + видео) After a detailed analysis of the news and the meager characteristics that describe the capabilities of weapons, experts came to the conclusion that such an assault rifle could not exist with the current level of technology.The Chinese rifle was prophesied with many functions: passing through glass, igniting tissue and burning human skin. However, these actions require a laser with different characteristics. Also, this weapon must be heavy duty and for it there are no corresponding portable batteries. Phenomenal discoveries in the field of energy-intensive compact media have also occurred. Experts are confident that the declared Chinese laser weapons can not be. Modern combat lasers that currently exist in the world are very weighty, energy consuming and imperfect.

Sam Richards

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