Chinese Monkey King will compete with giant robots

Китайский Monkey King составит конкуренцию гигантским роботам (5 фото + видео) Monkey King – this is what the Chinese robot engineers called it that they can fight. Translated into Russian, it sounds like “King of the Apes”. The new robot has similarities with primates: it has 4 legs, its head is raised, and its back has a corresponding bend. The monkey king, in a battle with other battle robots, intends to use guns, fists and a massive iron club. The weight of the robot is almost 4 tons. He knows how to change body position, but in any case there is a protected place for the pilot. It took 2 months for Chinese engineers from Great Metal to create Monkey King. This is a fairly short time to create such a machine. The developers said that their robot will participate in the battles of giants. It is not known only when exactly, and also whether they will accept him in competitions. Recall that in August this year will be the first battle in the world among giant robots. MegaBots MK.III from America and Kuratas from Japan will fight in it. Who knows, maybe Monkey King will be their rival. Also, the humanoid giant robot is being developed by the Korean company Korea Future Technology. The Monkey King combat robot was first shown at the G-Festival in Beijing, but eyewitnesses say they never saw a demonstration of its abilities. The monkey king almost did not move, if you do not take into account the iron rod rotating behind him.

Sam Richards

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