Chinese robotic dog Laikago, like Boston Dynamics

Китайский робопёс Laikago, как у Boston Dynamics (видео) Creations of Boston Dynamics did not become a mass product, and even a large and interested in advanced development customer like the US Army, robots were not needed. Whether it will turn out to change the course of things to the new owner of the company, which SoftBank has been acting as the Japanese corporation since early June of this year, is still unknown. Boston Dynamics, on the other hand, had a copycat in the form of the Chinese startup Unitree Robotics, who had already managed to demonstrate his four-legged robot called Laikago. The four-legged metal creation is visually very similar to the American development of Spot, but there are several differences. Laikago does not work completely autonomously, it does not have stereo cameras and lidar sensors, and it is controlled remotely by an operator via Wi-Fi. At the same time, a 22-pound four-legged animal is now able to move on an inclined surface, maintain balance during side shocks and carry loads weighing up to 5 kg. According to the developer Xing Wang, Laikago was created as a research platform for robotics, the project is open and anyone can add new skills to the robops by making appropriate changes to the software and integrating the new modules at its discretion. The cost of new items ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 30,000, but the company expects that over time the price for it will decrease, since the main goal of Unitree Robotics is to make such robots as popular and in demand as smartphones and drones.

Sam Richards

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