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Coronavirus. (Covid19) Nearly 460,000 people have fallen ill: latest data 25.03.2020

The highest mortality rate recorded in Italy, 743 deaths per day, 894 convalescences per day.

As of the morning of March 25, 458 927 people worldwide had contracted the coronavirus infection COVID-19, 113 687 had recovered, 20 807 had died. This is evidenced by the data compiled by Johns Hopkins University experts, published on the website Gis and Data.

In the last 24 hours, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has increased by 41 622. Since the pandemic began, 7 229 people have recovered in one day and 2343 have died.

The highest mortality rate to date has been recorded in Italy, with 6820 deaths (743 per day) out of 69 176 cases, 5249 deaths per day, and 8326 recoveries (894 per day).

In Spain, in the previous day – 680 fatal cases, a total of 2991, diseased – 42 058 (6922 per day), recovered – 3794 (439 per day).

In the USA 8 777 new cases were revealed, in total – 55 148. The mortality rate remains relatively low: 211 died in the past 24 hours (796 in total), 349 recovered.

In Germany 36 people died in a day (159 in total), got ill only 32 991 (3935 in a day), 3290 recovered.

The Guardian citing a closed report of the National Health Service of Great Britain reports that under a negative scenario in the country coronavirus epidemic COVID-19 may last until spring 2021 and lead to hospitalization of up to 7.9 million people.
Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country faces its biggest challenge “since the end of World War II” in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.
In China, 90% of those infected with coronavirus have recovered.

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