Coronavirus in the world: a quarter of the world’s population under quarantine 25.03.2020
Coronavirus in the world: a quarter of the world’s population under quarantine 25.03.2020

Coronavirus in the world: a quarter of the world’s population under quarantine 25.03.2020

With the entry into force of severe restrictions in India, at least a quarter of the world’s 7.8 billion people were quarantined to varying degrees. Meanwhile, Spain has updated its Coronavirus mortality record, Italy is once again tightening its restrictive measures against the disease, and in Britain Parliament will cease to work for a month.

The BBC has compiled the latest news related to the outbreak of the epidemic in the world.

Rwanda, California, New Zealand, New York – factories and cafes are being shut down all over the world, and there are fewer and fewer people on the streets.

On Thursday at midnight, quarantine measures are planned to be introduced in South Africa. Most people will not be able to leave their homes for 21 days. Previously, the same measures were introduced in India. Quarantine measures are planned in those American states that have not yet done so…

The UN has established a fund for donations to poor countries. Members are asked to donate two billion dollars each to help the most vulnerable regions cope with the Covid-19 outbreak.

Britain: Prince Charles is infected, the London Underground is reducing passenger traffic…
In Britain, the coronavirus was discovered by the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. The infection was determined by testing. A statement from Buckingham Palace said the 71-year-old prince had mild symptoms and was feeling good overall.

Prince Charles has been diagnosed with coronavirus…
Coronavirus: Britain is closed for hard quarantine.
What does it cost the world the coronavirus. And who will pay for it?
In London, meanwhile, the fight against passengers using public transport without emergency is intensifying.

After photos of crowded subway trains appeared on the Internet on Tuesday, the mayor of Sadik Khan called for a reduction in passenger traffic. On Wednesday, the London Underground introduced social distancing measures, partially disconnected escalators and turnstiles, and closed platforms.

Khan on Wednesday said the number of passengers has decreased by one-third, but it is not enough.

500 British Transport Police officers have been deployed at subway and commuter train stations. According to the head of the unit, Sean O’Gallaghan, they will remind citizens to follow the government’s recommendations.

It is expected that on Wednesday night the British Parliament will suspend its work, having passed several emergency laws related to the pandemic.

There are about three thousand people infected in the British capital and more than eight thousand in the entire United Kingdom. Members of the House of Commons hope to resume their work on 21 April.

The closure of the British Parliament because of the epidemic is an unprecedented measure. In the three hundred years that Parliament has been sitting regularly, it has never stopped its work, except for a normal holiday, an election period and a prophecy break to prepare the Government’s programme. The British Parliament has continued to work even during both World Wars.

USA: The governor of New York asks for help…
Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York State, which accounts for more than half of the cases of infection in the U.S., on Wednesday gave a press conference. The state has recorded more than five thousand cases of infection in the last 24 hours.

Cuomo said he asked President Trump and the White House to provide state hospitals with additional equipment and staff.

He promised that as soon as the epidemic peaks in the state, his authorities will immediately hand over the equipment to the state that will be most severely affected by the coronavirus at that time.

He criticized the decision of Congress to allocate a giant $2 trillion financial aid package. According to Cuomo, New York City will receive about 1.3 billion from this package, and the state has already spent $3.8 billion to combat the coronavirus.

Coronavirus in the world: a quarter of the world’s population under quarantine 25.03.2020

Cuomo called on young people to be careful and “not to play superheroes,” and announced that New York City’s quarantine measures will close some streets for transportation.

At a press conference on Tuesday, President Donald Trump said he saw “a light at the end of the tunnel” and that he believed the country would be able to get rid of the coronavirus by Easter, in mid-April.

Sad record in Spain and the situation in Europe
In the past 24 hours, 738 people died from Covid-19 in Spain, a total of 3434 people died of the disease in the country. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 47 thousand people have been infected with coronavirus in the country.

Italy, the country most affected by the pandemic, has increased penalties for breaches of quarantine regulations. People who, after being diagnosed with coronavirus, will violate the regime of self-isolation are threatened with fines of several thousand euros and imprisonment of up to five years.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that the assumptions about the extension of the quarantine until July are incorrect and it will be terminated as soon as possible.

The number of deaths in Italy has slightly decreased over the last 24 hours compared to the previous day. On Wednesday it was announced that 683 more people died, so the total number of deaths from coronavirus in the country rose to 7503. A total of 5,210 new cases of infection have been identified.

France was the fifth country in the world where the number of deaths from Covid-19 exceeded one thousand. According to the head of the General Directorate of Health of the country, Jerome Salomon, there may be more of them, as official statistics take into account only those who died in hospitals. Scientists recommend that the government extend the quarantine to a month and a half.

Coronavirus in the world: a quarter of the world’s population under quarantine 25.03.2020

America and Asia: quarantine in India and market situation
Quarantine in India is unprecedented in its severity and scale and will hit the poor the hardest: people working as servants, street vendors, construction workers. They make up the bulk of the country’s labour market, yet lack health insurance and the ability to take paid sick leave.

Several states – including Uttar Pradesh, the most populous and one of the poorest states in the country – have announced direct financial assistance measures.

As of Wednesday, there are more than 450,000 cases of coronavirus infection in the world and the number of deaths is approaching 20,000.

Meanwhile, Asian financial markets reacted positively to the news that in the U.S. President Donald Trump and the Senate approved a $1.8 trillion package of economic assistance to people and businesses.

On Wednesday, Japanese index Nikkei grew by 7.9%, Hang Seng in Hong Kong – by 3.4% and Australian ASX – by 5%.

Coronavirus in the world: a quarter of the world’s population under quarantine 25.03.2020

Thus, after a prolonged worry in the financial markets, investors express hope that the giant package of financial aid, approved in the U.S., will help to smooth the economic blow from quarantine around the world.

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