Created a universal trick for fingerprint sensors

Создана универсальная уловка для дактилоскопических датчиков (2 фото) Developers of flagship smartphones have something to think about again: a group of American specialists from universities in New York and Michigan created a fingerprint image that can fool any gadget and gain access to confidential information. In practice, vulnerability in this direction reaches 15%, that is, the issue of cybersecurity is more acute than ever. Создана универсальная уловка для дактилоскопических датчиков (2 фото) When creating a universal hacker pattern, we used the characteristic features of the fingerprints of eight hundred people connected in one image. As a result, it turned out to be compatible with the biometric data of any random person. The probability of coincidence varies from 25% to 65%. As the experiment showed, most scanners installed on smartphones, tablets and other electronics recognize it as the owner’s fingerprints, and therefore the picture is easily identified. Of course, the development is powerless over the highly sensitive sensors used in serious security systems. At the same time, the area of scanners operating on the principle of TouchID is so small that the sensors only consider a fragment of the fingerprint, so it’s very easy to trick an amateur-level device.

Sam Richards

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