Created SkyKnit creative neural network for creative knitters

Neural networks are rarely used in everyday life and especially in female hobbies, for example, in knitting, but now this category of needlewomen also has its own creative AI-master, who works tirelessly. The SkyKnit neural network created by researcher Janelle Shane fell to the task of inventing new patterns for creativity. At first, everything went very badly and the interested craftswomen, along with the inventor, laughed pretty much. AI offered quite sophisticated options, like making a series of 6395 loops, and then decreasing to 70. But over time, after corrections and training, after all, Shane provided 4728 ready-made patterns from and 500 patterns from various other ones communities, SkyKnit was able to please everyone. Intrigued knitters immediately began to reproduce new patterns on real threads. However, as testers admitted, they made adjustments to the circuit created by the neural network. According to them, this is normal. Even in journal patterns, errors and inaccuracies are often present. As a result, from one pattern from SkyKnit we got three completely different results. Создана творческая нейросеть SkyKnit для креативных вязальщиц (7 фото) As recognized by Janelle Shane, SkyKnit is not her first creation. Previously, she trained her neural networks to generate new names for fish, tiles, insects, and also to create new colors and unusual compliments.

Sam Richards

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