DARPA plans to control electronics with the power of thought

DARPA планирует управлять электроникой силой мысли (2 фото) The US Defense Advanced Research and Development Agency (DARPA) is launching a project to create a neurocomputer interface capable of converting brain impulses into specific commands for controlling electronic equipment. All the developments obtained within the framework of the NESD (Neural Engineering System Design) project will find application in healthcare and research in other scientific fields. \\The goal of NESD is to improve the “communication tool” and find its full application. A neural implant, which will participate in the formation of a communication bridge between the human brain and electronic devices, should receive a relatively small size comparable to the height of the edges of two coins stacked on top of each other. Approved by international healthcare organizations, modern interfaces use about 100 channels, each of which tracks the activity of tens of thousands of neurons. As a result, the received data is not read accurately, and sometimes interference interferes. DARPA experts are confident that they will be able to develop a more advanced chip that will be much more accurate to read and transmit signals. DARPA планирует управлять электроникой силой мысли (2 фото) If the program proves successful, a wide range of implant application areas will open. This is the creation of a new direction in neurotechnology, and the development of prostheses controlled by the power of thought, and the fight against incurable diseases, and the return / improvement of hearing and vision to a person. Of course, DARPA will apply the achievements achieved in the military-defense sphere.

Sam Richards

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