Data from health apps merged by Google and Facebook (3 photos)

Users are deceived even by applications from which it is customary to expect absolute confidentiality. So, Facebook users are already accustomed to regularly pouring their passwords, chat messages and other data into the network. But the shock was that applications designed to protect mental and physical health secretly leaked data to third parties, including Google and Facebook. Users who tried to quit addictions shared their health or were depressed, and had no idea what was happening. Now they say that they completely ceased to trust Facebook, because this happens far from the first time. As it turned out, out of 36 applications, 92% provided data on their users to these companies, as these corporations analyze information, as well as engage in advertising and marketing. Nine applications did not have a privacy policy at all, so in principle it is impossible to present a claim to them. Another 5 applications did not warn their users about what was happening. The other 3 stated that they had a confidentiality policy, having gained full trust among insane citizens. It is interesting that the last three applications were the most active in the data dump. This fact was confirmed by Stephen Chan – a doctor working in the health system of Palo Alto. According to the authors of the study, the main problem is the business model of free software. Their insurance is simply not paid. Therefore, they trade in subscriptions and data. And if an application of this kind belongs to the category of wellness, its authors may not give a damn about laws regarding the confidentiality of medical data.

Sam Richards

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