Digital guitar from two controllers

Kurv Guitar is a new-format digital guitar that lacks the usual parts of this instrument. There is no neck, no soundboard, no strings. Instead, there are only two controllers that replace all of the above. The first controller contains 8 buttons, each one can display a chord or note, the second serves as a mediator. Remember how in the absence of a real guitar in their hands, teenagers imitate music in the style of Metallica or Nirvana on an imaginary guitar. Playing the Kurv Guitar is a lot like that. The tool recognizes touch and all possible combinations, converting them into sound. Kurv Guitar is designed to work in tandem with a mobile device on which proprietary software is installed. Connection is via Bluetooth. The application offers beginners notes of 60 famous compositions, as well as the ability to choose a performance style – acoustic guitar, bass and electric guitar. The pre-order new Kickstarter costs £ 150. Цифровая гитара из двух контроллеров (10 фото + 2 видео)

Sam Richards

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