DroneGun MkIII – protection against unsolicited drones (5 photos)

Modern unmanned aerial vehicles are gradually becoming a familiar attribute of our lives. However, there are frequent cases when they are used for illegal purposes and violate the confidentiality of citizens or organizations. To combat the obsessive spy drones have already created the appropriate technical means. However, they are very expensive and have large geometric dimensions. DroneShield has developed a series of small, compact devices for the electromagnetic suppression of unmanned aerial vehicles. The most compact in the device series is the DroneGun MkIII. It is distinguished from its older counterparts by its size and smaller radius of action, not exceeding 500 meters. A “pistol” to counter drones can force the drone to land, or send to the point of departure. In this case, the transmission of video streaming data from the aircraft board is blocked immediately after the DroneGun MkIII is pointed at it and the trigger is pressed. Weight of DroneGun MkIII is only 1.95 kg, which allows you to control it using one hand. The parameters of the device are 63 x 40 x 20 cm. Currently, only law enforcement agencies will be able to purchase DroneGun MkIII. However, after obtaining a license from the US Federal Communications Commission, the device will go on retail.,

Sam Richards

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