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Eldar Murtazin: owning an iPhone shows your stupidity, not prosperity

Eldar Murtazin posted on his YouTube channel a new video with an intriguing title about “Apple EVERYTHING! Shine and poverty. ” It is dedicated to Apple fans who haven’t realized that it’s time to abandon the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple’s famous hater spoke about the incident that happened to him in public transport: he met a girl who glued a display that popped out of an Apple Watch onto a transparent tape. “Kolzokh ala natural” is how Murtazin describes what he saw.

This case, he said, is only part of the “systemic crisis” that befell Apple. The company makes substandard products that still buy:
“Probably, if I ride public transport more often, I’ll meet more with such stories.”

When the 20-minute video came to an end, Eldar Murtazin did not hesitate to remind us that owning an iPhone means being stupid:
“People who know how to count money, who know how to make money, they gradually abandon the iPhone. And every year more, more and more. iPhone is a credit history, the iPhone is for everyone. iPhone does not show your wealth, today it shows your stupidity. Shows that you have overpaid for a product for which it’s not worth paying so much.

So, you can take a lot more money from you for everything else in this life, because you are ready to overpay constantly. Smart people who count their money refuse the iPhone. ”

According to him, Apple and its leadership have lost touch with reality, everything is too expensive, so you need to abandon products with an apple on the back:
“I also bought a lot of products from Apple. Today I do not buy them, because it is very expensive compared to the rest of the market. They completely lost touch with reality. Apple needs to be abandoned. ”
The next time, Murtazin promised to tell us that “new iPhones will bring us and how greedy Apple is.”

Sam Richards

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