Facebook suspected wiretap

Social networks again haunt the eerie stories of Facebook spyware. Particularly suspicious users sincerely believe that the mobile application installed on the smartphone “listens” to their conversations and uses this opportunity to highlight the target audience with the subsequent distribution of specific advertising. Hundreds of exciting stories about identity theft have flooded the Internet, and the excitement has reached such a wide scope that Facebook Gold’s vice president of advertising, Rob Goldman, has denied the public. In his speech, he noted that he is personally responsible for advertising on Facebook, and he knows for sure that the microphone of smartphones is not involved in collecting information for advertising purposes. Meanwhile, users of the Facebook social network provide many examples where, even without making requests in search engines, they received advertising offers of goods that were talked about around the smartphone. Some have claimed to have advertised clinical trials after this topic was discussed in the dorm room. Another user talked about plans to have a cat, after which a couple of days later, cat food advertisements began to appear on Facebook, a year ago such allegations were already made to Facebook. Then the enthusiastic enthusiast made a video of an interesting experiment: during the day he said the phrase \Two days later, Facebook appeared with promotional offers for cat food. If it is confirmed that Facebook deliberately quietly includes microphones on users’ PCs and smartphones, then this scandal will result in serious consequences for the corporation, including criminal punishment. But until this fact has been proven, one can only guess how the company collects data on the preferences of its users, which they just talked about.

Sam Richards

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