Flashlight Robust created literally for all occasions (5 photos)

On the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, a new curious Robust gadget is introduced that can replace a dozen devices and tools. This device will make life easier while fishing or camping. And it is literally indispensable in an extreme situation. The developers of the new product were guided, first of all, by considerations of necessity, and not by inspiration. They do not like the number of tools for all kinds of occasions that need to be constantly kept nearby. So they decided to create a multidisciplinary gadget that immediately solves all the problems. The resulting device will help in everything from uncorking a bottle to leaving a locked machine. The novelty weighs only 300 grams. At the same time, there is really a lot to it: a solar battery for environmentally friendly charging, a 1800 mAh power bank, a magnet that secures the device to metal surfaces. Also, the development has an opener for bottles, a cutter for fishing tackle, a hammer knocking out laminated glass. There are also a flashlight with three modes of operation, a blinker, an audible alarm and a compass. Robust was made of black aluminum alloy and protected according to IP68, that is, dust simply can not get into the case. In addition, the gadget will function one hundred percent and after a half-hour stay under water at a depth of up to a meter. A six-hour charge from the solar battery is enough to work the flashlight for eight hours. Those who are more important to stay in touch can charge the phone. A novelty costs $ 59, or about 3,700 rubles at the current rate. They plan to send orders from the first days of autumn. So far, Robust is sold only on Kickstarter.

Sam Richards

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