Ford proposes to transform the car into a unicycle

Ford предлагает трансформировать автомобиль в моноцикл (3 фото + видео) Ford engineers have developed an interesting idea of how motorists get to their destination, despite the ubiquitous traffic jams, and are not afraid that the car will be stolen if it is left outside the garage or guarded parking lot. Specialists propose using the car wheel as a monocycle. The corresponding patent application has already been filed. It describes a car, the design of which allows using the automatic hydraulic jack to disconnect the rear wheel, equipped with an electric motor, battery and pedals. The upper part of the monocycle with the steering part and the seat, located in the luggage compartment, is attached using special fasteners. Thus, not only the problem of movement at rush hour is solved, but the risk of car theft is also reduced – a thief is unlikely to be able to use a car with only three wheels. Ford предлагает трансформировать автомобиль в моноцикл (3 фото + видео) The idea is interesting, but very difficult to implement. For example, the question arises – how long will it take a motorist to transform a car wheel into a unicycle. And will it be so convenient and safe to move on it. However, while the idea is only patented, time will tell whether it will be embodied in a real product.

Sam Richards

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