Giveaways of the Week from Epic Games Store
Giveaways of the Week from Epic Games Store

Giveaways of the Week from Epic Games Store

Fortnite’s developer store is giving away two games for free this week. The distribution is The End is Nigh and ABZU. Of the minuses – both versions of games are only for Windows, owners of Mac computers were cheated.

The End is Nigh

Adventure platformer from developers Edmund McMillen and Tyler Gleyel. The game was released on July 12, 2017 on a PC, later versions for consoles were released. According to the developers, The End is Nigh has become the successor to the Super Meat Boy. The main character, named Ash, started playing his favorite game and did not notice how the apocalypse came. The end of the world has come, the world is destroyed, and he is only worried about a broken cartridge.


A colorful adventure in the underwater world where you have to go diving. Immerse yourself in the picturesque world of the ocean, full of mysteries and bright colors. Discover unique animal species and create a powerful connection with marine inhabitants. Immerse yourself at the bottom of the ocean in search of ancient secrets. Do not forget that danger awaits you in the deep sea.

Do not forget to add free games to your library so that there is something to play later, and next week we will have a new portion of games from the Epic Games Store.

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