Google and Facebook in Russian Election

Google and Facebook respond to allegations of interference in Russian elections

Google has released statements regarding political advertising on its sites, including search engine and YouTube.

Google claims to support only responsible political advertising that complies with local laws. There is no direct mention of the elections that took place last weekend in Russia, but it is obvious that these statements are connected with claims to Google by Roskomnadzor.

A response was received from Facebook. The Russian press service of the social network said that “the responsibility for complying with the electoral law of a country lies with advertisers posting their content on Facebook.” At the same time, Facebook considers complaints about advertisements and takes measures if this or that advertisement violates the law.

Recall that Roskomnadzor revealed unfair political advertising in the advertising networks Facebook and Google, considering it was the intervention of American companies in the internal political affairs of Russia. Under Russian law, campaigning for a particular candidate on the day and directly on election day is prohibited. Apparently, the Facebook and Google employees who are responsible for approving advertising banners and videos are not aware of this, and they did not block the display of political advertising on September 7 and 8. Roskomnadzor previously notified Facebook and Google about the need to take measures to prevent the spread of political advertising in the “days of silence.”

Sam Richards

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