Google Home Mini smart speaker continuously spying

Умная колонка Google Home Mini непрерывно шпионила In continuous espionage, the new Google Home Mini smart column was caught: the whole thing is a hardware failure detected in its panel. Due to an error, the gadget reacted to any noise it recorded, recording them around the clock in thousands of a day. A journalist for the Android Police Internet resource who discovered strange and suspicious behavior of the tested product, which has not yet appeared on the market, reported a defect to the manufacturer that the company’s engineers confirmed that the journalist’s device had a touch panel defect. Because of it, the Google Home Mini reacted to touches that didn’t actually occur and arbitrarily started recording sounds in the room and transferring them to Google-owned servers. Having confirmed the problem, the company said that it affected a small number of products (about four thousand pieces) . All these copies were distributed among the press and visitors of the presentation company Made By Google. The manufacturer already turned off the long-press function of the Google Home Mini sensor on all devices. Representatives of Google assure that they also deleted all requests with actions created by an imaginary long press on the top of the product from the fourth to the seventh of October. This vulnerability does not apply to Google Home Mini with an already pre-ordered one, since the company decided to abandon touch control support and now all devices respond only to voice.

Sam Richards

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