Google Pixel 4 presentation

Google Pixel 4 presentation date announced

Google has announced the date of the Made By Google event, which will feature fourth-generation Pixel smartphones and other devices. The presentation will be held in New York on October 15th.

It is expected that Google will introduce two smartphones – Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. By tradition, they will differ in size and characteristics. Smartphones will receive a sizeable dual-camera module and the new Google Camera app with an improved night mode. In addition, specifically for these smartphones, Google engineers created the front-end Soli module with a built-in infrared sensor that scans the user’s face even before he turns on the screen to unlock the smartphone. This module will also allow you to control your smartphone without touching its screen: with gestures, you can reject or receive a call, switch music and much more.

In addition to new smartphones, Google may introduce a new model of smart speakers Google Home and Pixelbook second generation.

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