HoloLens – augmented reality without wires for 5.5 hours

HoloLens - дополненная реальность без проводов в течение 5.5 часов (2 видео) Little is known about the augmented reality headset HoloLens, but the mesmerizing demos of its capabilities have already gathered a considerable number of fans eager to experience the device in everyday life. According to the latest information from Microsoft, the device will work wirelessly, but the built-in battery will last only 5.5 hours. The engineers had to compromise when choosing between performance and battery life. The image size will correspond to the picture from the 15-inch screen, located at a distance of about 60 cm. The developers did not set more impressive parameters, otherwise the battery life would be significantly reduced . HoloLens will allow you to run any application created for Windows 10, without making any changes to the code, and the same subject can be viewed simultaneously by multiple users, remote from each other. The sounded 5.5 hours will be enough when working with Microsoft Office documents or viewing mail, when launching applications that require large computational work related to detailing the visual series, the time will be reduced to 2.5 hours. The first version of the headset will be equipped with wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 3D surround sound and support so far only in English. The appearance of HoloLens for developers and corporate customers is scheduled for the first quarter of 2016 with an estimated price tag of $ 3,000.

Sam Richards

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