Homemade flamethrower with a spectacular salvo

Самодельный огнемет с эффектным залпом (видео) For everyone who wants to get weapons from zombies and who do not want to spend $ 500 on a toy from Ilon Mask, video blogger Jairas proposed his own version. The author of the channel “Jairus of All” developed a home-made flamethrower, cheap and extremely effective. The design of the device is straightforward, half of the elements are children’s toys and ordinary accessories. Jairas shared a list of everything you need on his website. The essence of the mechanism is to supply a nozzle from propane cylinders to the tubes, where it is ignited and pulled out, blown out by two fans. As a result, a fire hurricane the thickness of a person flies out of the device. Remarkably, the flamethrower can be controlled with only one hand. How practical and safe the device is is unknown. But the fact that this is a spectacular toy for big boys is not in doubt.

Sam Richards

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