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How to change image weight when uploading it to the Internet through Safari in iOS 13

Smartphones and tablets have long had good cameras with high resolution, so a photograph weighing a couple of megabytes will not surprise anyone. But uploading them to the Internet can be expensive because a couple of dozen of these photos can easily spend a hundred megabytes of traffic, which is a lot. And, most importantly – often this quality is not trivial, many sites and services still compress downloaded images to save space and speed up their display.

So if you want to reduce the weight of images uploaded to the Internet – in iOS 13 it has become possible. To do this, in the standard menu for downloading files in Safari, select Media Library, then find the necessary photos in it and mark them. Their weight will be shown below, and when you click on the “Select Image Size” text, three compression options will be offered.

Approximate weight of compressed photos is as follows:

  • Large: 877 KB
  • Medium: 276 KB
  • Small: 87KB
  • Real size: 3.9 MB

As you can see, the traffic savings are very, very significant, but I recommend that you still know the measure: of course, maximum compression will reduce the weight of the photo by almost 45 times, but the quality will be such that the resulting image for something other than an avatar on the forum is hardly suitable.

Sam Richards

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