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How to enable a new Spotlight search box on Windows 10

Microsoft has been working on a new search box in Windows 10 for more than a year (since the release of version 1803) but is still embarrassed to show it to the public. But if you want, you can already turn it on, and it works absolutely fine and looks very similar to Spotlight on macOS.

So, the search window can be called up either by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the taskbar, or by pressing Win + S, or by clicking on the Start button and starting to type a search query. However, it can be done in the center of the screen, like Spotlight.

To do this is quite simple – download the archive from the link and run the corresponding.REG file in it, agreeing to make changes to the registry. After that, you need to either restart the explorer, or reboot, and the search window will change to a new one. If something does not suit you, there is a second. REG file in the archive that will return everything as it was.

Sam Richards

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