How to group tabs in Chrome browser into groups
How to group tabs in Chrome browser into groups

How to group tabs in Chrome browser into groups

Basically, users can be divided into two types: some close all unnecessary browser tabs and are content with 2-3 open, others launch this panel so that 20, 30, or even 40 dozens of pages accumulate there. I belong to the second and only freezing tabs helps me, but I can advise you to use the function of grouping open pages.

This management method will help you quickly navigate in 5-15 tabs, which can be divided into categories: for example, news, social networks, and video. The instruction is intended for Google Chrome and will require only a minute of time.

The functions of grouping pages appeared in Chrome recently, so for now, it is only available as an experimental one.

  • Launch a browser and paste the chrome command into the address bar: // flags;
  • In the search window that appears, enter Tab Groups and activate the found parameter;
  • Restart your browser or click Relaunch – which will also restart Chrome;
  • Now, on any tab, you can select the function “Add to a new group” by clicking the right mouse button;
  • The second and all subsequent pages will be added to this group until you create additional groups;
  • To add a new tab to previous groups, right-click on it and select “Add to Existing Group”.

I f you didn’t like this method of management in the browser or didn’t use it, you can disable it via chrome: // flags – again find Tab Groups and disable the parameter. Restart Chrome.

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