Huawei is developing a replacement for Windows and Android (3 photos)

Restrictive prohibitions imposed by the US government force Huawei to work closely on developing its own operating systems, which should come to replace Windows and Android with further tightening of sanctions. If earlier it was only about the Android OS, due to Google’s quick reaction to Trump’s prohibitions, now Huawei plans to launch an alternative OS that can replace Windows. According to Huawei senior management, new operating systems may enter the foreign market in the second quarter of 2020. The accelerated development of the OS is associated with the constant tightening of the policy of the US government regarding American technologies used by the Chinese company. To work with Huawei, American companies must now obtain special permissions. The additional costs of time and money, as well as the threat to violate sanctions bans forced to refuse to work with Huawei not only the US Google, Qualcomm, Microsoft, but also corporations from Europe (ARM) and Asia. SD Card Association excluded the Chinese manufacturer from the list of consortium members, which means that the company will no longer be able to install SD card slots in its products. Mobile operators in the UK, Japan, the Philippines, and Spain fear for future sales of smartphones from Huawei, and therefore refuse new shipments of devices. Huawei разрабатывает замену Windows и Android (3 фото) At the same time, in addition to the difficulty in promoting its own OS, Huawei will have to overcome technological problems. In particular, Kirin processors use European ARM designs, and the Chinese-developed operating system has so far focused on the ARM architecture.,

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