Hydrogen-powered helicopter taxi

Urban passenger transport using flying vehicles is one of the most promising areas. The main advantage of innovative modes of transport is the use of alternative energy sources – electricity, sunlight and others. The new taxi from the American company Alaka’i Technologies has the highest environmental safety thanks to the use of hydrogen-powered engines. Skai’s aircraft design was led by BMW Designworks engineers. 6 electric engines were used for movement, which use hydrogen as fuel. A flying Skai taxi is capable of lifting loads weighing up to 454 kg and with a full load, the flight duration is 4 hours. The radius of the flight is 643 km. The compact dimensions and vertical take-off allow you to easily use Skai in a densely populated city and a shortage of parking spaces. The Skai cockpit is designed to carry four passengers and a pilot or five passengers when operating in unmanned automatic mode. The developers believe that the new aircraft can be used in the rescue service to evacuate people and in the ambulance service for the prompt delivery of patients to medical facilities. In fully unmanned mode, Skai can be used as a base station to provide mobile communications over a specific area for 10 hours. details about the cost of Skai and the time of test tests have not yet been announced.

Sam Richards

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